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Svargaloka Resort – Volcano Update and Disaster Management

September 27, 2017

Dear Guests,

Here is a little update on the latest news for Mount Agung:

The alert level for an actual eruption still remains high as does the seismic activity, and the immediate area around the volcano remains evacuated. The airport is currently running as normal.

The National Board for Disaster Management still believe that the chance of an eruption is quite large, although they are unable to ascertain when it will erupt with certainty.

What does this mean for Svarga Loka?

Svarga Loka is situated about 60km away from Mount Agung and although we do not expect to be directly affected, we have taken precautionary measures around the resort to ensure the safety of our guests and staff in case the aftermath of the eruption – namely, ash clouds – has a detrimental effect on Ubud and the surrounding areas. Otherwise, we are open and business remains as usual.

Svargaloka Community Engagement – helping the evacuees.

Svarga Loka has aligned with Yayasan Bumi Sehat; a not-for-profit organisation focussed on providing Community Health Education and Child Birthing through holistic and allopathic medicine. We have joined forces to work closely within the communities, and aid expectant mothers during this time by providing essential food and toiletries, as well as offering help with the pre and post care for mothers.

Travel Plans

The possible eruption of Mt Agung in Bali could have an impact on the plans of visitors and travellers. It could mean the island’s only airport is closed, the airspace around the volcano is considered unsafe and closed, or that airlines themselves decide to divert or cancel flights.

Please consider and check the points below before you make your trip.

Airport and Flights
Ash and what it means for flights

We encourage you to travel safe, to stay informed and calm during this uncertain period. If you have any inquiries with regards to your stay, kindly contact us directly at reservations@svargalokaresort.com or call us at +62 361 975454.




Svarga Loka Team

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