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Transformational Practitioner Led Programmes

Throughout the year we are privileged to host remarkable retreats from carefully selected retreat leaders.  These retreats vary from yoga teacher training to finding self love to finding your soul partner. Bookings can be made by contacting Svarga Loka reservations (reservations@svargalokaresort.com) or directly with the retreat leaders. Each retreat below includes a link to the retreat leaders website for more details.

Click here to see one of our hosted retreats in action in Svarga Loka:


November 2018 Kalpana Radhika Yoga Teacher Training with Radhika

October 30 to November 15 2018


Our Teacher Training Immersions will help you move into your most empowered self, gaining a more authentic and inspired sense of your life's purpose. Whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey and wishing to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga or you are more experienced and wishing to become a teacher or enhance your teaching skills, our programmes will give you the skills necessary to uplift your career, relationships and overall well-being.

More Info: https://www.kalpanaradhikayoga.com/bali

February 2019 Sacred Love Workshop with Michael and Bianca Alexander

Are you ready to heal your broken heart?
Do you want to find your soul mate?
Then join us for six transformational days and five magical nights in Bali, Indonesia on February 10-15th, 2019 to learn the spiritual keys of attracting and cultivating the love of a lifetime. Spend your next Valentine’s Day immersed in self-love and healing!
You Will Learn:
How to release damaging relationship patterns
How to avoid the 10 most heartbreaking mistakes people make while dating
How to date to find your soul mate
How to remove the barriers to allowing true love into your life
How to know if you have found your soul mate
How to know the difference between a soul mate and body mate
How to overcome betrayal and heartbreak in your relationship
How to deepen your love, year after year

For more details please go to www.findingsacredlove.com

Programme Details and Prices

March 2019 Shambali Retreat with Issa and Elif

Join us for this transformational retreat which will help you to live in your truth... We propose a holistic approach and new vision with a complete accompaniment. We guide you on your journey to find your own way with theories and practices. The goal is to present you different keys to open up the doors you want and get daily tools to achieve permanently a stable harmony through inner and outer fullness. There is a common thread in the entire pattern of the organization creating at the end a luminous and beautiful big picture. We explain and establish bridges between the different activities to show that all is linked and entangled. This journey to reach YOUnity passes through different steps of initiations, introductions to new perceptions and new experiences. The ultimate goal is you find yourself and find back your “natural nature” and your balance.
For more details please visit www.shambali.com

Programme Details and Prices

April 2019 Finding Self-Love with Vasudev

Finding Self-Love Easter 14th April -21st April 2019

Our Easter retreat will once again be held at Svarga Loka Resort – a hidden sanctuary close to Ubud. Here we have a safe haven for deepening self-love, for relaxation and self-exploration. Svarga Loka also has a beautiful watsu-pool, that is, a pool we heat up to body temperature for the water-healing work. To keep it intimate we want max 21 participants.

Our week long residential program include gentle yoga every morning (optional), Watsu (water-healing), singing, Heart Dance and experiential workshops and sharing – as well as exceptional food, two massages and pick up at the airport when you arrive. To keep it intimate we want max 21 participants.

To book: http://www.findingselflove.org/product/finding-self-love-14-april-2019/

June 2019 Shakti Dance with Araygua Simran Pal

Join us for this journey of self discovery with Shakti Yoga of Dance. Your expert trainers are Araygua Simran Pal, Abiola Fatehmeet and the founding Creator of Shakti Dance, Sara Avtar. This intensive retreat Level One Teacher Training starts on June 20, 2019 and finishes on July 13, 2019. Join us to energize your body, awaken your mind and elevate your spirit. For more details go to https://www.shaktidanceacademy.com/sd-l1-tt-bali-one-month-full-immersion-2019/

Programme Details and Prices

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